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Towards added value(s) through collaboration in the chain

At the request of the Animal Protection Society, Connecting Agri & Food has described tools that can help improve the earning power of the livestock farmer.

Odor measurements and analysis

In a pilot, conducted at pig farms and local residents, Connecting Agri & Food investigated using sensors to measure a farm's performance in terms of odor emissions.

Regulation North Brabant

Connecting Agri & Food conducted research on the expected effects of amending the Nature Protection Regulation and introducing the system of stalking.

Stable modification 2024

Under the North Brabant Interim Environmental Ordinance, the province of North Brabant has imposed requirements on commercial livestock farms regarding ammonia emissions from barns.

Establishment of Brabant livestock farmers in the Belgian border region

Establishment of Brabant cattle farmers in the Belgian border region Connecting Agri & Food investigated the establishment of Brabant and other Dutch entrepreneurs in the Flemish border region.

Supermarket entrepreneurs looking for added value

Together with three supermarket entrepreneurs from Brabant, Connecting Agri & Food investigated the possibilities to realize more added value.

Quality bear meat

In the traditional payment schedules of Dutch slaughterhouses, pigs with thick bacon are cut.

Feasibility study Living Lab - Pilot site Agro As de Peel

Agro As de Peel is an area cooperation in the municipalities of Boekel, Mill & St. Eustatius, Mill & St. Eustatius, and St. Eustatius. Hubert, Sint Anthonis, Landerd and Uden.

Study on adjustment strategies of the sugar supply chain, after the end of sugar quotas

Connecting Agri & Food contributed.

Fair and stable pricing systems

Commissioned by the Animal Protection Society, Connecting Agri & Food analyzed economic data for passing on sustainability in the production chain.

Area-based approach to nitrogen

Commissioned by the Province of Limburg, Connecting Agri & Food has examined whether economic development can be realized in three Limburg areas under the applicable nitrogen rules

Development and expertise center Sustainable Proteins

Connecting Agri & Food, in collaboration with forerunners in the food chain, is exploring the creation of a Sustainable Proteins expertise center to bring companies together.

Smart pig chain

Connecting Agri & Food facilitates chain parties working within the Smart Pig Chain consortium to improve product quality.

Market research Beter Leven Keurmerk Dierenbescherming

On behalf of The Animal Protection Society, Connecting Agri & Food conducted several market surveys.

Ammonia and nitrogen

In recent years, Connecting Agri & Food has invested heavily in building expertise to reliably and accurately map environmental quality

Expected environmental-economic effects adjust emissions requirements on livestock farming in Limburg

Connecting Agri & Food calculated for the province of Limburg what these effects would be of a package of measures prepared by the province.

Area analysis nitrogen deposition livestock locations in Municipality of Deurne

There is an exceedance of the critical deposition value of designated natural areas on the area "Deurnsche Peel and Mariapeel".

Fine dust: measuring is knowing, but know what you're measuring

The municipality of Sint Anthonis had a measurement network set up with fine dust sensors in the Zandkant - Noordkant pilot area in 2019.

Intensifying Supervision of Cattle Farms

Connecting Agri & Food helped conduct an analysis of the "Intensifying Supervision of Livestock Farms" (ITV) project.

Space for space Limburg

The National Cattle Cessation Scheme (RBV) was implemented from March 2000 through October 2001.

Soil dynamics Brabant

An initial quantitative exploration was conducted of the expected dynamics of the Brabant land market

Establishing chain concepts

To prevent the loss of raw materials as much as possible, Connecting Agri & Food also works on projects in the field of circular economy.

Farmer and citizen (permits)

For livestock farms, we are looking at a different way to establish agreements on how to run a livestock farm, based on a so-called social agreement.

Evaluation of Dutch manure policy 1984-2015

We conducted an evaluation of 18 policy instruments of Dutch manure policy implemented from the years 1984 to 2015. This was at the request of the World Bank.