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In the livestock sector, policy changes bring major implications for sector structure and size, but also for the future prospects of individual livestock farmers. We portray the expected effects of alternative policies.

Answer questions objectively, substantiated and quantified.
Target requirements
Scenario analysis: impact of policy intentions on the sector (number and size)
Area plans
Collaborate with policymakers on the meaning and interpretation of the numbers.

Livestock policy

Connecting Agri & Food is regularly asked by governments to calculate expected effects of livestock policies. These are mainly combinations of policies. Because of the in-depth knowledge of the livestock industry, we can perform substantiated qualitative and quantitative analyses and forecasts. Our knowledge is about the financial-economic position of companies, costs of investments, opportunities to incorporate new systems and differences between regions. Connecting Agri & Food works for a variety of clients. Check out the examples below.

Gé Backus


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Diane de Voogd

Livestock & Environmental Specialist

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Sandra van Kampen

Livestock & Environmental Specialist

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Janneke Straver - van der Schans

Livestock & Economics Specialist

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Our mission, based on scientific insights and practical knowledge, is to improve the performance of the food chain. This can be done by simultaneously paying attention to income, the environment, animal welfare and health in the various links of the chain. We create, substantiate and test innovative solutions for the agri and food sector. We act as an independent bridge builder between the various parties in the chain, from consumer to producer. We provide insight and overview of trends and developments in the market and society.

Connecting Agri- and Food aims for a bright future for livestock chains that work with an eye on the market and a face to society. To achieve this, all links in the food chain must work in a demand-oriented manner, coordinate their activities and share information.

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