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Smart Farming

Connecting Agri & Food is working with ICT companies to develop applications for precision livestock farming. Our focus is on converting big data into the right information to take targeted action.

Real-time measurement

Data analysis

Connecting Agri & Food works with ICT companies to automate data processing in and around livestock farms. Our focus is on converting large amounts of big data measured with sensors in real time into concise information, and then translating it into the right action.
For example, we automatically convert real-time sensor data transmitted every 10 minutes into weekly summary text messages. For this, we are collaborating with TU Eindhoven, which previously developed this technique for ICT applications in human health care. Furthermore, we are working on key figures that show for the climate in the barn to what extent the measured values are within the desired ranges for a given period.

We expect sensor technology and big data in agriculture to take off in a big way in the coming decades. Therefore, we continue to develop our data analysis methods, in cooperation with ICT companies.

Would you like to learn more about what we can do for you, or are you an ict professional and want to discuss the possibilities for a collaboration? Contact Angela van der Sanden, livestock & strategy specialist.

For questions about Smart Stable, contact Harm van der Zanden, product manager Smart Stable.

Environmental Quality

In recent years, Connecting Agri & Food has invested heavily in building expertise to reliably and accurately map environmental quality. As announced in the final report of the Remkes Commission's Advisory Committee on Nitrogen Problems, livestock farms must gain insight into ammonia emissions around the farm. The goal is to come up with numerical evidence and based on measurements in and around the company. It also recommends an air quality monitoring network complementary to measurement systems with sensors in the stables. These include ammonia and integrally nitrate, phosphate, particulate matter, odor and methane.
Connecting Agri & Food is helping to evaluate the most appropriate sensors, for measuring particulate matter and key odor components. We do this for a variety of clients. We are also involved in pilots, commissioned by municipalities and provinces, in which farmers and citizens discuss measurement results together.

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Kristel Mulder

Livestock & Data Analysis Specialist

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Angela van der Sanden

Livestock & Strategy Specialist

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Harm van der Zanden

Product manager Smart Stable

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Our mission is to contribute, based on scientific insights, policy understanding and practical knowledge, to a sustainable and future-proof agri and food chain. This can be done by simultaneously paying attention to profitability, environment, health, animal welfare and social support in the various links of the chain.
We create, substantiate and test innovative solutions.
We act as an independent bridge builder between the various parties in the chain, from consumer to producer.
We provide insight and overview of trends and developments in the market and society.

Connecting Agri & Food aims for a sustainable future for the agri and food chain that works with an eye on the market and faces society. We do this by providing in-depth analyses of policy measures, insight for the development of demand-driven sustainable supply chain concepts and the deployment of smart farming technology.

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