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Market and Chain

We leverage our knowledge of what consumers and buyers care about in various projects. Thus, we support the development and introduction of demand-driven market concepts.

Price Monitors
Pork - Eggs - Poultry - Hard fruit: apples and pears
Stable pricing systems
Pork chain - Star Farmers, Vion and PLUS Meat cattle chain - PLUS and Bief Select Eggs - BLk Animal Welfare
Cost calculations
cost of veal production on the dairy farm - cost of beef cattle - cost of eggs

Chain Optimization

Through intensive cooperation with the retail chain, Connecting Agri & Food can explore like no other how agri-food chains can add value to the products and thus to the consumer. Delivering added value is key, by working together as a common chain, rather than as separate individual links. Producers and products must be brought out of anonymity and the supermarket store must give them the stage.
In addition, Connecting Agri & Food is an expert on the pork chain and several market analyses are being done to provide more insight for the chain. For more information on chain optimization, contact Peter van Balkom, pork chain specialist.

Circular economy

The circular economy is central to some of our projects, which is about the responsible use of raw materials by (agricultural) entrepreneurs. Inventories of entrepreneurs' interest in innovative food production were made at the request of mainly governments. The starting point is the circular economy and closing cycles. Innovations that may be involved include emission-free intensive livestock farming, alternative protein sources or biobased productions.
We have also developed aCO2 model for municipalities in order to work in a climate neutral way. Check out the examples at the bottom of this page.

For more information, contact director Gé Backus or Angela van der Sanden, innovative stables and data analysis specialist.

Social partner cooperation

Connecting Agri & Food also collaborates with community stakeholders such as The Animal Protection Society and consumer agencies. We have developed a model that provides a transparent picture of the margins per week throughout the chain from farmer, processor, to marketing. We are investigating whether it is possible to use this to award all chain parties, including the livestock farmer, a fair price for his products. This is only possible if the effects of a change can be passed on and the pricing systems are known. Connecting Agri & Food has these insights. We support private chain parties in the development and evaluation of market concepts and private labels. It also looks at consumer behavior when purchasing meat products in the supermarket. For this, we are in contact with several retailers.

The ultimate goal is to prevent deflection mechanisms in food chains and reward the livestock farmer if he is willing to ensure better animal welfare.

For more information, contact director Gé Backus.

Nutrition and production

Connecting Agri & Food works with various partners in the chain to increase product quality and realize more added value. Quality improvement is important to maintain market share or to achieve higher prices. Furthermore, an increasing portion of chicken and pork is sold in a concept. To increase agribusiness support in society, it is important to be transparent about where the meat comes from. These meat concepts and labels Connecting Agri & Food analyzes.

For more information on nutrition and production, contact Peter van Balkom, pork chain specialist.

Peter van Balkom

Market & Chain Specialist

06 51 42 43 27

Hans de Haan

Market & Chain Specialist

06 11 04 15 91

Janneke Straver - vd Schans

Livestock & Economics Specialist

06 13 12 78 93

Our mission, based on scientific insights and practical knowledge, is to improve the performance of the food chain. This can be done by simultaneously paying attention to income, the environment, animal welfare and health in the various links of the chain. We create, substantiate and test innovative solutions for the agri and food sector. We act as an independent bridge builder between the various parties in the chain, from consumer to producer. We provide insight and overview of trends and developments in the market and society.

Connecting Agri- and Food aims for a bright future for livestock chains that work with an eye on the market and a face to society. To achieve this, all links in the food chain must work in a demand-oriented manner, coordinate their activities and share information.

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